2021 Summer Internship: Digging into Community

2021 Summer Internship: Digging in to Community

Planting blackberries and blueberriesBy James Li

My name is James Li, and I am currently a rising junior attending St. John’s School in Houston. As a 16 year old, I chose to work for Urban Harvest this summer because I wanted to experience the city through a writing focused internship.

 It has been my pleasure to document a few of the people and organizations who exist in Houston’s sundry of microcosms. I primarily focus on the educational impact of Urban Harvest through traveling to assist our educators at different schools and institutions while interacting with the local students and faculty. This job gives me the opportunity to meet people from various backgrounds and learn about their perspectives.

Our city, Houston, Texas, is incredibly diverse – which is a claim I have been told many times, but only able to understand after truly exploring the places I wouldn’t normally go. 

My goal is to spread awareness of not only the challenges, but also the successes that communities around Houston have faced in their effort to provide quality nutrition for the underserved. You do this by observing their lives, day in, day out.