Bees in a Box by Tiffany Kottukkal

About this Project

For my Girl Scout Gold Award Project, I decided to make bee boxes for Mason Bees. I had learned about how many bee populations were in decline due to colony collapse disorder as well as a decrease of natural habitat. I wanted to do something to help the native bee populations in my own community, as bees play an important role in pollination.

Mason Bees versus Honey Bees

Mason Bees are solitary bees that are native to Texas. They are much smaller than Honey  Bees. They are also gentle and do not sting as they do not produce honey so they do not have anything to protect. Honey Bees were brought from Europe and are not native to North America. They are known to contain strong venom and may be aggressive if the hive is disturbed as they are protective of the honey that they produce.

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