Edible Academy 2020

Edible Academy 2020: That's a Wrap!

Kellie socially distances while giving an Edible Academy participant her supplies for the workshop

Every year, Urban Harvest hosts Edible Academy (EA), a summer workshop for educators focused on garden and nutrition education.

This year was the first time we held the annual Edible Academy workshop online. First, it was delayed by crazy weather. Then, we had to change plans to go from our original hybrid schedule, with half of the workshop outside and half inside, to the final format of being fully online.  The new plan had educators picking up materials from the Teaching Garden at Urban Harvest and then following along with instructors via Zoom.  Even with all these challenges, we were able to quickly change plans and not have to cancel the workshop. 

With everything that is happening, we were glad to still be able to host our event, where we can continue to build community and share resources to help each other
and our students. It is times like these that we need each other the most and we hope we can continue to do these types of workshops in whatever form that may take.

This year’s Edible Academy had eleven participants from all over Houston and two from out of town. Urban Harvest decreased the number of participants in order to be able to socially distance during the workshop. 

Our gardening seminars were live from: the Sun Club teaching garden; Kellie’s kitchen; and a few pre-recorded presentations with live Q & A’s. 

The lessons and information from Edible Academy will go on to reach 2,283 students and 108 educatorsover the next year​. 

Thank you to all our presenters and staff for making Edible Academy 2020 happen and to Local Foods in the Heights, Pink’s Pizza, and Houston Community Tool Bank for their in-kind donations. Lastly, thank you to the Whole Kids Foundation for their generous support of Edible Academy.