edible academy

2024 Summer Edible Academy Gardening and Nutrition Education

CPEs for Teachers | Garden Educators | Parent Garden Coord
Thursday June 27, 9am-3pm | Friday June 28, 9am-3pm | Saturday June 29, 9am-12pm
Bauer Education Center
1911 West 34th Street
Houston, Texas 77018
“I learned so much and I really think it is all helpful especially being the garden educator and main person who overlooks the garden throughout the year.. . . we got great information on keeping the garden sustainable and finding ways to just make things easier when working with a garden so ALL of those pointers really have me a good outlook toward the future of our garden. ” -Past Participant

Why Gardening Matters?
Edible Education — Growing a Solution to a Bigger Issue!

Numerous studies show that children will try new foods, make healthier food choices and remain more active when involved in a school garden. The surging interest in school gardens has shown a need for professional development in gardening techniques that merge with standard curriculum. By “training the trainer,” all schools that desire a campus garden will have personnel equipped to teach in and manage a garden whether or not they partner with Urban Harvest.

While Houston far exceeds the national average on issues related to food insecurity and obesity, an astonishing 20% of Houstonians live in food deserts — communities that lack access to healthy fruits and vegetables (USDA). Overall, 19% of Houstonians and 25% of Houston’s children do not know where they will find their next meal [Houston Food Bank] while a staggering 1-in-2 children in low-income Houston communities are obese [Healthy Living Matters].

Growing food changes lives . . . one garden at a time!

— Kellie Karavias, Culinary Arts Educator Gregory Lincoln Education Center

“Edible education is a way for kids to become in touch with where their food comes from and actually be able to grow, harvest, eat and cook it. They learn all of that,but more importantly it’s about teaching them how to take ownership of their own health.” — Kellie Karavias, Culinary Arts Educator Gregory Lincoln Education Center