Soil Health Permaculture Workshop

Soil Health Permaculture Workshop
Sunday, June 2, 2024
Time: 10:00AM – 3:00PM
Location: Laughing Frog Farm, 38238 Wiggins Rd, Hempstead TX 77445
Presenters: Glen Miracle and Carol Burton
Cost: $45

This is a hands-on workshop on techniques in how to regenerate healthy soil, capture and store water to offset drought and create plant guilds for a lower maintenance ‘forest garden’ system.

Permaculture is a holistic approach to problem solving based on biomimicry of ecological systems. Participants will learn about permaculture and how the design principles apply to a working farm and how to apply these principles to your backyard or any location.

Laughing frog Farm is a small working farm in Waller County. We will tour the farm and share how animals are integrated and rotated among the pastures to build healthy soil. Participants will learn about heritage sheep and raising chickens for market.

A Farm-to-Table Lunch is included.
This class is held outdoors. Dress for the heat and brambles.

Glen Miracle acquired his land for farming in 2001 and since 2008 has been farming full time incorporating Permaculture Design principles and Organic gardening methods. He is a teacher and leader in organic farming and ranching and hosts regular events and workshops at Laughing Frog Farms. He is a regular vendor at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market where you can find him on Saturdays.

Carol Burton is the Director of Permaculture for Urban Harvest and has taught and led garden classes and Professional development in environmental education since 2003. She received the 2019 Abernathy Hull Environmental Educators Award from The Garden Club of America and recently completed advanced Permaculture Teacher Training with the Cascadia Permaculture School.

Laughing Frog Farm is made of 21 acres sitting on partially wooded land. The farm uses permaculture methods and organic principles in raising their trees, vegetables, and gulf. They mostly raise heritage breeds like Coast, Native Sheep, and Freedom Ranger chickens. Also, they produce red wattle pigs, tomato starts, and microgreens.