Spring 2024: Burmese Home Cooking and Growing

Burmese Home Cooking and Growing

Saturday, March 25th @ 10:00 – 11:30 am
Suu Khin
In-Person at the Trees for Houston Bauer Education Center
1911 West 34th Street, Houston, Texas 77018

As we celebrate Asian Heritage month, join us for this very special class with Suu Khin to gain insight into the world of Burmese food, culture, ingredients, and cooking. We will learn to grow some of many Southeast Asian vegetables that thrive in our Houston climate and every attendee will leave with a plant specifically grown for Suu so that you can begin your Burmese cooking journey.

Suu Khin’s cooking journey has taken her from her grandmother’s kitchen in Burma to Master Chef.
“Beginning as a child, every morning all the women of the house: my grandmother, my mother, my aunts, and myself gathered in the kitchen, sharing different tasks to prepare and cook a meal for the family. 
On top of all the delicious and comforting food my grandmother lovingly for the family, her kitchen was complete with stories and life lessons. My grandmother taught me to understand that food is much more than a meal and cooking is a way to spread kindness and portray generosity. Everyday in the kitchen, she led us by example to always have respect for the ingredients, gratitude for every hand that had helped us put food on the table and compassion for the people you are cooking for.
Every dish I make has a personal anecdote tied to it – family, traditions, culture, ethnicity and history. I started ‘Burmaclicious by Suu’ 6 years ago, with an intention to preserve and honor the culinary heritage passed down in my family for generations. There is also a big hope of bringing  depth to the definition of Burmese cuisine. My purpose will always be to celebrate cultural diversity and to bring people closer and share my happiness through the culinary experience I create.”