Spring 2024: Preparing for Spring/Summer Planting

Preparing for Spring/Summer Planting

Chevy Tang
Saturday, March 23rd 10:00 – 11:30 am
In Person at the Trees for Houston Bauer Education Center
1911 West 34th Street, Houston, Texas 77018

Join us for a class exploring the ins and outs of planting the Spring garden here in Houston. Learn what you should be planting and how you should  be preparing for the heat that arrives in the Summer. You will learn hacks on soil, composting, and container gardening.
Chevy Tang is a suburban homesteader, certified Permaculturist, plantswoman who is dedicated to organic, sustainable, and regenerative gardening. She is an Educators, Mentor, Texas A&M AgriLife Certified Vegetables Specialist, Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, Prayer warrior at KSBJ and Vida Unida Christian radio station, Aesthete and Advocate for DEI. She likes growing exotic herbs, chillies, and a foodie who enjoys new tastings, cooking and sharing recipes. her interest in soil and nature leads her to mushroom foraging, bird hikes, and educating about native plants including weeds.