Spring 2024: The Healing Power of Spring Herbs

The Healing Power of Spring Herbs

Saturday April 27th @ 10:00 – 11:30 am
Trees for Houston Bauer Education Center
1911 West 34th Street, Houston, Texas 77018
Joanna Botvin

Discover the powerful medicine of plants that are growing all around us, and those that we can grow ourselves. This class explores nature’s remedies, teaching you about herbs known for detoxification and revitalization during the vibrant spring season. Unlock the secrets to herbal wellness and embrace the renewing energy of these natural wonders. We will be diving deep into some of our common “weeds” and their medicinal properties, as well as other herbs that help our bodies as we emerge into spring and summer seasons.
Joanna Botvin is a Permaculturist, Herbalist, Ethnobotanist, and passionate educator on all things relating to living a Regenerative lifestyle. Having studied Sociology, Psychology, Permaculture and Holistic Landscape Design – Joanna merges these worlds in her teaching to get a whole system’s perspective on why we should care about the health of our bodies, our minds, and our planet. Joanna has been a garden educator for many years, and this is where her passion and professional work have merged into one. She loves to garden and design permaculture landscapes, be outside hiking with her dog, swim in natural waters, make medicine with plants, and teach those around her how to become more in tune with nature and the cycles of our bodies.