Growing Tasty and Healthy Food

Only with Organics can we grow the best tasting and healthiest food possible. The Law of Nutrition states; ‘When any organism is fed the highest nutrition possible, that organism will hit it’s optimum potential and have the least amount of problems’. This is true be it plant, animal or human. 

We can change all that by ‘Going Organic’. And, by simply following Natural Law we get excellent harvests and delicious foods that are safe. Organics programs are easier than going chemical and we feel much better about them. There is a science called Biophlage that tracks the DNA connection between plants and humans. Quite amazing to know that we are related to plants and when we take care of our plants they take care of us. A wonderful book that helps to explain this is ‘Your Brain on Nature’ by Dr. Eva Selhub. Dr. Selhub will be coming to Houston via OHBA in January 2019. 

It is important to note that all chemical fertilizers provide poor nutrition to plants and hurt soil health. Soil health and plant health are directly tied together. We want a fertilizer that improves both. Also recognize that chemical fertilizers only provide up to 7 minerals, but plants need at least 52 to be healthy and the human body has 79 elements in it. When we feed plants only 7 elements, there is a tremendous disconnect with what is required for good health.  

Remember, ‘we are what our plants eat’. When plants are grown with chemicals, malnourishment sets in and the plants become susceptible to pest insects and diseases. The chemical industry answer to this is to spray poisons on the plants. That poison doesn’t go away and when we, as humans, eat malnourished foods that have poisons sprayed on them, we too, get sick. Another great note for Organics is that when plants get a full load of minerals their flavonoid metabolites are enhanced, and flavonoids are another way or saying flavor. That’s why well grown Organic foods always test better.

A simple, non-fail Organic food growing program is as follows –

·      Start with a well drain planting area with composted top soil

·      Add 4 lb of a quality Organic fertilizer per 100 sq ft mixed 1’’ – 3” into the soil. Re-apply every 3 months

·      Plant transplants or sow seeds as season dictates

·      Water the plants or seeds in with a liquid fish + seaweed combo

·      Mulch the area with aged native mulch

·      Spray the plants every 2 – 4 weeks with a fish + seaweed combo

Urban Harvest does a magnificent job of helping us all to be healthier. From their planting guides, to their classes, to their Farmers Market to their 100 + community gardens, Urban Harvest makes life better. As society we are only as strong as our weakest link and we want all humans to be healthy; thriving on a dynamic planet.

Mike Serant has supported Urban Harvest since 1996; is co-founder of OHBA,, a 501(c)3 Organic education provider; and since 1988, the manufacture of MicroLife Organic Fertilizers,