Introducing the Southeast Texas Permaculture Network

(photo caption: Urban Harvest certified Permaculture Design graduates are the coordinating members of the Southeast Texas Networking community. L-R, Susanne Bonefas, Jessica Antonelli Shelly Immel, Shobha Lux)

Introducing the Southeast Texas Permaculture Network

On Sat April 9, 2022, the Southeast Texas Permaculture Network (STPN) will be at the Urban Harvest farmers market from 8am-12pm for  Earth Day Plant Swap event, outreach and networking.  The April 9th, Earth Day and Plant Swap event at the Farmers market is an opportunity to promote awareness about Permaculture and to share a growing technique in Growing Bananas which applies permaculture principals.  

Mini Class: What is Permaculture and Growing Banana’s: Creating a Banana Circle  

Presenters: Suzanne Bonefas, Shelly Immel, Shobha Lux, and Jessica Antonelli, members of the Southeast Texas Permaculture Network, and they are excited to present and share at the Urban Harvest Earth Day Seed Swap event.

Permaculture is an ethics-based design system that helps people make good decisions for themselves and others, for now and for the long-term. It can be applied to anything, from designing a garden or farm, to designing a business, or an entire economy. Permaculture helps create systems that require less labor and give higher yields over time.

Class time: 11:10 am on Sat April 9th at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market. 

  1. What is Permaculture? What are people doing in Houston with Permaculture?
  2. Applied Permaculture: Shobha’s Banana Circle 
  • A case study on growing bananas here in Houston

  • Adapted from South Indian growing practice

  • How permaculture principles make it low labor, low disease, more frequent yield (leaves AND BANANAS), store energy (rain water and compost), etc.

Southeast Texas Permaculture Network

The Southeast Texas Permaculture Network welcomes people who have their Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) or are working toward it. We share knowledge, ideas, labor, and continuing education and insights into applying permaculture in our bioregion.

 They have monthly meetups on topics of shared interest, either online or in person.  Enjoy the company of like-minded people and get energized hearing what everyone is up to in applied sustainable living! This is a great place to find answers to questions, help for projects, and feedback and encouragement, also, the potlucks are a delicious feast!