Meet the Fall 2020 Intern

Hi everyone! My name is Lina Solorzano and I am a Dietetic Intern with Priority Nutrition Care Distance Dietetic Internship.

Let me start off by saying, I’m no gardener and have never thought to have had a “green thumb”. I have attempted gardening in the past and was not as successful due to lack of garden education. Prior to my rotation I had no idea of what I would be doing besides providing nutrition education to the surrounding community at local events. During my undergrad we learned all about the health benefits fresh foods offer and that there are communities with limited access to affordable food. However, we didn’t go over practicing communication with someone living in a food desert far from a grocery store.

Students harvesting after-school.

When it comes to educating a community it’s different than in textbook. I have faced challenges but came up with innovative ideas to provide nutrition services to individuals. Some challenges were providing nutrition education to someone that had never seen a particular vegetable, providing education to clients as they quickly drive through a farmer’s market, providing recipe tips with ingredients they’re not accessible to (butter, oil), and educating elementary school children while social distancing and speaking behind a mask outdoors.

Urban Harvest has challenged me to provide the same level of education in a different setting. I have helped film and edit educational lesson plans for virtual students and family’s at home, developed nutrition lessons that will keep the children’s attention, and provided nutrition tips with recipe cards to be distributed to the community shopping at the drive thru market days and community events.

Rotation Accomplishments

  • Provided nutrition education to youth and adults.
  • Helped at weekly farmers markets making fresh food accessible.
  • Ensured lesson plans were available for virtual students and family’s at home.
  • Learned basic garden skills, conducted planting lessons with both youth and adults.
  • Worked with students on reflecting why they love working in the garden and the foods they’ve planted.
  • Facilitated health and wellness webinars to provide education to the public.

Internship Opportunity

If you’re Dietetic Intern seeking a Community or Elective rotation, then look no further than Urban Harvest! You can apply using this link Internship Application Form and Carol Burton, Director of Garden Education will contact you with a response and possible availability.