SNAP Program Sees Growth

Since the launch of our SNAP benefits program in mid-November, the Saturday Farmers Market at Eastside has seen an exciting growth in SNAP sales and customers. SNAP offers nutrition assistance to millions of low-income individuals and families, and provides economic benefits to the communities and our local farmers and businesses.

In only three months, we have seen over $900 in SNAP sales at the market, with all four of our market days in the past month each seeing over $100 in SNAP sales. SNAP customers are eligible to purchase a variety of local and seasonal products; about 33% of sales have gone toward meats, eggs, and dairy; 32% toward packaged goods (such as jams, nut milks, oils, etc.); 26% toward fruits and vegetables; and 9% toward bread and baked goods.

Additionally, over three-quarters (76%) of our eligible vendors have received sales from SNAP benefits. Here, the program serves both low-income individuals and families, as well as our local farmers and businesses.

For more information about SNAP at the farmers market, click here