Casetta Cucina

WHERE: 3311 Mercer Street, Houston, Texas 77027

PEOPLE: Chef and Owner, Francesco Casetta

MISSION: We serve the Houston communities with authentic quality pastas and fine foods that sustain healthy and satisfied lifestyles.

ABOUT: Casetta Cucina started as a fine dining catering company that focuses on the customers’ experiences. Chef and Owner, Francesco Casetta is a Three Star Michelin trained chef from Florence, Italy. Chef Francesco noticed Houston’s lack of authentic and original fresh pasta and sauces. Based out of River Oaks, Chef Francesco set out to supply Houston with what it needed. Chef Francesco makes pasta with imported Italian Flour that does not contain semolina and durum grains. Once again, Chef Francesco seeks to provide local communities with authentic pasta for an exquisite experience.

FUN FACT: In Italy, you can have pasta twice a day, 365 days a year and never repeat the same meal. There is such a variety of pasta.




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