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ABOUT: Grizzaffi Coffee is a Houston based Coffee Catering Company dedicated to bring the Gourmet Coffee experience right to your door step. Grizzaffi Coffee is bringing Houston coffee to a whole new level by creating something no other business has – by catering coffee in every way possible; concessions, farmers markets, mobile cafes, and bringing coffee to events, business meetings, wedding, parties and more.

Formed in 2008 by Nicholas Grizzaffi, Grizzaffi Coffee Catering’s mission is to provide its clients and customers with the freshest products and best customer service possible. We select only the best locally roasted coffee, imported from premiere growing regions from around the world. Most of our coffees are Fair Trade, organic, and some are exclusive to Grizzaffi Coffee. Our baristas have had extensive training in the art of mastering the coffee machine as well as mixology. Over the last 3 years Grizzaffi Coffee has expanded their menu to include gelato, smoothies, Italian sodas and much more.



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