Laughing Frog Farm

WHERE: Chappell Hill, TX


ACRES: 2 acres of vegetables and about 15 acres of pasture.

PEOPLE : Chandler Rothbard, Kenan Rote and Glen Miracle make up the crew.

ABOUT: I started organic gardening in 1978 on the east end of Houston and moved to the farm in 2003.  I started selling at the market in 2009.  We rotate chickens, both for eggs and meat, and sheep through the gardens to provide organic matter and natural fertilizer.  We grow according to organic standards and use permaculture methods.

FUN FACT: One day, while I was building my house, it rained 12 inches, my 4 wheel drive truck was stuck in the mud and I was exhausted.  At dusk thousands of frogs started their chorus of croaks and my wife said “the frogs are laughing at you”.  Thus was born the Laughing Frog Farm.




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