Law Ranch Cattle Company

WHERE: Crosby, TX


PEOPLE : Ray and Amy Law are the owners. Amy works part time as a church secretary, and helps with the ranch and farmer’s markets, and Ray is all about cows. Cows, cows, cows. Oh, and chickens, chickens, chickens.

ABOUT: We never ever give our cattle antibiotics or added hormones. We dry age the entire side for 14-21 days which makes a big, big difference. We have carefully refined grass management for the Gulf Coast so that we minimize the need for processing the grass or hay, while still having clean, healthy, thick grass available to our roaming cattle. We have been told that our beef and chicken is the best on the planet by people that travel the globe. You will also find that for the quality of product that we produce, that our prices are extremely competitive and reasonable.

FUN FACT: We get many requests to see our ranch, however, there is really not much to it. It is a field, with wire fence, with cows standing around, and trees here and there.



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