Little Dreamer Coffee

WHERE: 6823 Northampton Way, Houston, TX

PEOPLE : Matt Toomey (owner), Anna-Marie (wife), and Hannah (daughter) run things along with the rest of their team

MISSION: To educate consumers about the true cost of production to offer farmers a living wage.

ABOUT: Matt started Boomtown in 2011 then left in 2019. As a creative energy person Matt was ready to move into another project knowing that Boomtown was in great hands. He wanted to start a new business, the timing was right and everything was amicable in his departure from Boomtown. Little Dreamer Coffee is rooted in Houston, and are coffee professionals. Our aim is to provide coffee education through sensory perception. The name of Little Dreamer Coffee is inspired by the little dreamer inside all of us. No matter our age, we always must stay connected to that dream. Don’t forget your dreams.

FUN FACT: We believe in diversity! Drink your coffee however you like it, we just want you to be happy. The concept of Little Dreamer Coffee is a play on neuroscience- kiki bombo- the sharpness and softness of images, colors and everything of how we perceive.


INSTAGRAM: littledreamercoffee

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