Lola & Baxter

WHERE: Houston, TX

PEOPLE : Nadereh is our executive chef. Iman is our business consultant and Dr. Susan Lauten is our vet nutritionist.

ABOUT: In Spring of 2016, with spreading news of recalls and health issues, our vet took notice of our pups’ pristine health. That’s when he recommended that we share our food with other pups under his care, including his own. We recognized the need to transform the care for animals we love through our honestly natural fresh food. We partnered with an expert PhD vet nutritionist to balance our meals with proper vitamins, and created a brand that captured the heart and soul of our business – thus Lola & Baxter was born.The mission of Lola & Baxter is to empower your connection with your furry family through real nourishment and extraordinary wellbeing. This is our promise to you.

FUN FACT: Lola and Baxter, our German Shepherd mix and Shih Tzu duo, live with vitality, shiny coats, strong nails, healthy eyes, stronger hips and joints. Most importantly, our pups rarely require vet visits besides their annual check ups.



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