Manish’s Quick N Ezee Indian Food

WHERE: Houston, TX


PEOPLE : I, Manish Puri, do all the basic cooking ,then Myra and Naolia wrap the samosas and parathas, and pack them. Til Ghale is the person who takes care of all the distribution.

ABOUT: Quick N Ezee Indian Food was created by Manish Puri . Since I moved to the States in 1996, we have been cooking delicious gourmet Indian food that we have been eating ever since childhood. We use the best and the freshest ingredients, which makes our food so fresh, tasty, and healthy. Our goal is to provide you with the best and the healthiest food we possibly can. It is all natural, quick and authentic.

FUN FACT: We make traditional Indian dishes with available seasonal local produce . No preservatives and no chemicals.


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