Roots in Harmony

WHERE: Houston, TX

PEOPLE: Our business is run by two sisters who believe in all natural ingredients and the healing power of Ayurvedic spices.

MISSION: At Roots in Harmony, our goal is to share Ayurvedic teas and natural remedies that help build immunity, alleviate inflammation, support healthy digestion and promote mind-body balance. We believe in allowing nature to heal and bring our roots back into harmony.

ABOUT: At Roots in Harmony, we hand-craft Ayurveda-inspired herbal teas and remedies, using certified organic herbs and hand-roasted spices. Our family strongly believes in natural ingredients, so we never add sweeteners, flavors or anything artificial to our blends. Our teas are unique because each blend incorporates Ayurvedic spices with health benefits such as improving digestion, promoting female health and increasing energy. One of our best-known products is Golden Milk. When we were kids, we requested our mom for “yellow milk” often. It felt like a decadent treat. Her Golden Milk recipe, evolved over the years, is now bringing healing, health and joy to countless Houstonians. This blend includes turmeric along with a powerhouse of spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and black pepper to relax sore muscles, help alleviate inflammation, promote digestion and improve skin clarity.

FUN FACT: We run all of our business decisions by our mom. She is 72 years old and a source of wisdom and inspiration for us daily.


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