Scotty’s Stout Sauerkraut

WHERE: Houston, TX


PEOPLE : My name is Scotty Sheridan and I make the most delicious and nutritious sauerkraut available on the planet.

ABOUT: A while back a friend suggested I make my own sauerkraut at home. I was having some problems with my gut and my friend said that homemade sauerkraut was the cure-all for gut issues. I decided to try it, mostly because I love sauerkraut. After a couple of attempts, I turned out a decent batch. I was blown away. It was more crisp and more flavorful than any sauerkraut I had ever had. Long story short, I started a business selling real fermented sauerkraut. This sauerkraut is filled with beneficial pro-biotic bacteria. It has never been pasteurized or had any preservatives added. I ferment locally sourced vegetables when available in specially designed ceramic crocks for a period of one week to three weeks depending on the product. Because I sell a living product I only distribute to the greater Houston area.




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