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ABOUT: Zierau Fine Foods was founded in 2012 by Chef Andreas Zierau. It is a local and chef-driven catering company that specializes in a wide variety of meals and “handmade seasonings.”Among their bestselling food are “casseroles and salsas.” Indeed, “every single dish from Zierau Fine Foods is fantastic!” Not to mention that they can cater anything from an elegant tea party to a true Texas bbq party. And when they’re not catering to events, they offer these meals and seasonings at select farmers’ markets and fairs. Here, you will get to experience the “best breakfast tacos” in town. You can also get their to-go casseroles of beef lasagna or king ranch chicken, and you can also find their seasonings there. Don’t forget to check out their social media for their next event!



FACEBOOK: facebook.com/zieraufinefoods

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