We Need More Pesto!

You know things are going well when your students are begging for more of your basil pesto.

Hello there! My name is Allyson Schaefers and for this Fall semester I will be serving as the Nutrition Intern at Urban Harvest. I’ll be spreading nutritional knowledge in the after-school garden programs, community garden events, and more. My main goal is to help kids learn how to take a vegetable from their school garden and enjoy it on their plate. I will be accomplishing this mainly through recipe demonstrations and tastings utilizing vegetables and herbs grown straight from the school gardens.

I’ve recently moved to Houston from Dallas where I was working as the kitchen manager of a small business making all-natural frozen treats. We primarily sold to schools who provided the treats to students at lunch, giving them a fun and easy way to eat their fruits! Now in Houston though, I am working towards my Master’s in Public Health, more specifically health promotion and nutrition. As part of my program I am to complete an internship with an organization in Houston that allows me to apply my classroom work to the real world. I am so excited to have found this opportunity with Urban Harvest that allows me to combine my love of gardening and cooking and share that with kids. I especially value Urban Harvest’s mission to serve kids in communities burdened by disparities such as food deserts.  

While I will be working mostly with youth in the Houston community during my internship, I’m dedicated to making the healthy choice the easy choice for people of all ages. Eating a nutritious meal doesn’t have to be complicated if you just know a few tips, tricks, and some cheesy jokes. Now, lettuce turnip the beet!

– posted by Allyson Schaefers