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This April and May, Urban Harvest kicked off its Adopt-a-Garden Program with six volunteer days across Houston. The Adopt-a-Garden Program connects gardens in underserved areas with community partners to support gardens, build relationships in their neighborhood, and empower local growers and community members to change and improve their food system.

Adopt-A-Garden focuses on six gardens in: Acres Homes (Wesley Elementary), Third Ward (Alabama Garden), Near Northside (Avenue Place Community Garden), Gulfton (Christian Community Service Center), and Sunnyside (The Happy Place Garden & Harry Holmes Community Garden).  

Each garden provides fresh produce for their communities, many of which are located in food deserts: communities that lack access to healthy food. As a city, Houston far exceeds the national average of these food deserts. While an average 7.4% of Americans live in food deserts, an astonishing 20% of Houstonians – more than two-and-a-half times more than the national average – live in these areas.

At the Adopt-a-Garden volunteer days, over 85 volunteers, corporate partners, and community garden members joined forces to plant fruit trees, spread compost, and clean garden beds. These projects provided 36 yards of compost to five gardens (covering and building soil health in over 18,250 ft.2 of garden beds); 2 picnic benches; 26 fruit trees; and a vast and innumerable amount of gardening support in the form of weeding, pruning, and planting. In upcoming volunteer days, participating gardens and partners will engage in a wide variety of projects, including mulching, building shade structures, laying granite in pathways, and refurbishing garden sheds and shared spaces.

Save the date to come out to a garden at our next Adopt-a-Garden volunteer day on September 15! To sign up to volunteer, click here.

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