Growing strong.

Founded in 1994, Urban Harvest has garnered a well-deserved reputation as a leader in the local food movement. We’ve earned this role by adhering to clear and simple values and a focused mission.

Over 30 years ago, two Fourth Ward activists, Deacon Malcolm McLemore and Deacon Jean Cameron, started a community garden in their neighborhood along with Dr. Bob Randall, one of the founders of Urban Harvest.

Their garden grew and grew. The simple act of growing food brought neighbors together to share recipes and seeds, to solve problems about crime and blight, and to eat and celebrate together.

The seed that was planted by the success of this garden led to the creation of Urban Harvest seven years later. Since 1994, Urban Harvest has cultivated communities of gardeners, educators, farmers and neighbors to launch thriving gardens and farmers markets.

Under the direction of an all-volunteer board, Urban Harvest has grown from humble beginnings to employ a full-time staff and literally thousands of volunteers. Check out our recent annual report.