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Image shows garden tool, felt bag of garlic bulbs, and dirty garden gloves

Adventures in Alliums

By Justin Duncan. I have had many Allium adventures, growing them from seeds, from sets, and found in the grocery store. In fact, one of the things that help get me hooked on growing things as a child was snatching a sprouting onion from my mother’s kitchen, planting it, and to see it develop into three distinct onion plants. Propagation was always such a fascinating concept to me.  

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Put out a welcome sign for insects – The Insectary Garden

By Angela Chandler

Not all insects are pests. Many insects in and about our gardens are termed beneficial insects. Truthfully, all insects are beneficial to the environment. However, when a gardener uses the term, we are referring to a beneficial partnership we have with that insect – something that helps our gardens in some way.

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This image is an example of a Louisana Iris

Hurricane Preparedness in the Garden, Pt. 2

Basic permaculture tells us that in flat humid areas, we should not select housing or gardens at the bottom of the hill because water runs downhill, and flooding will happen eventually. It should be no surprise that many of our freeways are built on the watershed highpoint between bayous, but it is surprising that many don’t realize where the hill bottoms are.

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