The Growing Organic Vegetable class series runs from January through May and is held on a weekday evening. (10 classes – 2 1/2 hours each – $225 zoom classes due to COVID, normally $280).  

Jan 2020 GOV class schedule and description.


  • The Organic Approach, Why It Works
  • Design Vegetable Gardens using Permaculture 
  • Vegetable Garden Design; Area Climate; Drainage & Raised Beds
  • Compost; Soil Food Webs; Organic Fertilizers & Plant Nutrition
  • Ecological Pest Control
  • Garden Bed Rotation
  • Vegetable Seeds: Types, Varieties, & Best Sources and Planting Guides
  • Growing and Planting Organic Transplants
  • Vegetable Families characteristics, varieties, planting schedule 
  • Community Gardens
  • Optional garden tours will be offered once or twice during the class series 

Hands-on experience is available by joining one of our affiliate community gardens. Note that due to COVID restrictions, click here (scroll down the page to current volunteer opportunities) for those gardens that are accepting volunteers. To review our approx. 140 affiliate gardens, click on the map at the bottom of this page Urban Harvest Affiliate Garden Map. If you need help, please contact Meagan Terry, community gardens manager, at or call 713.880.5540 X1015

CLASSES: Before class there will be a Q&A session where you can bring up topics related to the last class and the readings. You are welcome to ask questions after class or email the instructors.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: You need to attend 9 classes out of the 10 to be eligible for an “Organic Vegetable Gardening Specialist” Certificate. Please see that you check in at each class. If you miss more than one class, and would like to receive your certificate in the current year, you may request to make up the missed class by volunteering at one of our affiliate community gardens or at our farmers market. Contact Lilly DeHaven, classes coordinator or 713-880-5540 X1019. If you want to attend classes that you missed the previous year, you may attend at no extra charge. Please contact us so that we may include you on the class roster.