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Gardening and Nutrition Education

 Teachers | Neighborhood Advocates | Community Leaders | Parents

Thursday June 27, 9am-3pm | Friday June 28, 9am-3pm | Saturday June 29, 9am-12pm 

Trees for Houston Bauer Education Center
1911 West 34th Street
Houston, Texas 77018

  • Hands-on lessons to use in your Youth/Community Garden or Outdoor Classroom.

  • Lessons in gardening and nutrition education.

  • Training enables teachers, parents, students, and schools to participate in outdoor education.

  • Workshop includes:

Edible Education: Why Gardening Matters

Numerous studies show that children will try new foods, make healthier food choices and remain more active when involved in a garden. The surging interest in community and school gardens has shown a need for professional development in gardening techniques that merge with standard curriculum. By Urban Harvest’s practice of “training the trainer,” you will be equipped to teach in, and manage, a garden.

Houston far exceeds the national average on issues related to food insecurity and obesity. An astonishing 20% of Houstonians live in food deserts — communities that lack access to healthy fruits and vegetables (USDA). Overall, 19% of Houstonians and 25% of Houston’s children do not know where they will find their next meal [Houston Food Bank] while a staggering 1-in-2 children in low-income Houston communities are obese [Healthy Living Matters].

Growing food changes lives . . . one garden at a time!