How can I register for a class?

There are two ways to register. You can go to the main Classes landing page on our website and enter the class you are looking for in the search field or peruse by subject.

When will I receive my e-mail confirmation?

A wonderful feature of this new website is that e-mail confirmations get generated and e-mailed to you as soon as you register. The e-mail confirmation will include information on your class such as directions, special instructions and a link to the instructor’s handout. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation please check your SPAM folder and confirm that the e-mail you submitted is correct before e-mailing the Classes Coordinator, Meagan Terry at

What is the format of your classes?

We understand that everyone learns in different ways. Some of our classes are sit-down lecture style classes with a PowerPoint presentation. Other classes have the designation “hands-on”. They are taught in gardens and offer various gardening demonstrations. A few of our classes are taught at local plant nurseries. These classes sometimes even have PowerPoint presentations although be sure that you dress appropriately since they are often under pavilions with no air conditioning or heat.

Where are your classes taught?

We offer classes throughout Houston and even to surrounding communities. Visit our Class Locations page to see if any of these locations are near you!

What is the cancellation policy for classes?

We desperately try to avoid cancelling classes but occasionally we have no choice. Here are the various reasons we would cancel a class: instructor has an emergency, severe weather like flash flooding, or the class does not meet minimum enrollment. If we cancel a class you will have the option to wait and take the rescheduled class, use the class fee as a credit towards another class or receive a refund.

When will I know if a class is cancelled due to weather?

If severe weather is forecasted, we wait until the morning of the class to make the decision. If the class is to take place in the morning we make the decision by 7am (generally two hours before the class.) We will call everyone on the roster and send an e-mail out. Please be sure that we have a current e-mail address for you and add us to your address book so that the e-mail does not end up in your SPAM folder.

Why are handouts only available electronically?

As an organization we encourage sustainable practices in many forms. For many years we struggled between offering paper handouts and also minimizing our daily consumption of reams of paper. In recent years members have requested electronic handouts for their tablets and phones. In January 2013 we started going paperless. There should be a link to your classes handout on the e-mail confirmation you receive soon after you register.

Can I videotape or record a class?

Unfortunately, videotaping and voice recording is prohibited without written consent from Urban Harvest and the instructor.

I just missed the “Sustainable Living Through Permaculture” classes. Can I still take the upcoming module?

No. In order to offer all three modules in any sequence the Permaculture Guild of Houston had to create a “mini module” SLTP 1 and SLTP 2 to insure that every permaculture registrant starts with a fundamental understanding of permaculture principles. For detailed information on how permaculture certification works please visit our, Permaculture Page.  

What does “dress appropriately” mean?

Our hands-on classes are normally held at gardens or farms. You should wear a hat, sunglasses, close-toed shoes and long pants (particularly if a class is held at a farm.) Always bring a container of water, since drinking water isn’t always available. Classes located at garden centers are outdoor so be sure to wear a jacket in the winter and dress lightly in the summer.

I heard community gardeners can take classes for free. Is this true and how can a community gardener register for a free class?

Yes! We offer complimentary spaces for gardeners of affiliate community gardens. Please visit our Community Gardens page and contact Sharon Stinson, to register.