Permaculture Design Certification Program

We are building a sustainable and equitable Permaculture Design Certification program

In Houston based on People Care, Earth Care and Fair Share. Permaculture is an ecological and holistic design system and philosophy for solving modern problems.  It has successfully been used around the world to maximize food production, regenerate springs, cool homes, revive vacant lots, reduce pollution, and transform lives

Urban Harvest offers the Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) through a series of classes totaling over 100 hours of curriculum authorized by the Permaculture Institute of North America. 


People Care
We have scholarship and work-study opportunities for current and future food activists, community gardeners, market gardeners, teachers, and green entrepreneurs.

Next Classes:
2024 Winter and Spring Courses

  • Sustainable Living 1 and 2
  • Designing Green Homes and Communities Restoring Nature

Fair Share
Permaculture outreach events in the community serves to activate awareness and strengthen our networks to share resources.

Earth Care
Permaculture skill share events provide opportunities to implement permaculture designs to increase bountiful and productive gardens. We are implementing hands-on projects to Increase biodiversity, restore nature, compost, and capture energy.

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