Our markets focus on the use of local agricultural products. All farmers and farm products must come within 180 miles of Houston. We also require all value-added vendors to source at least 51% of ingredients locally. Additionally, vendors must be direct producers of their product. We do not accept craft vendors or vendors that do not directly produce their products.

Prospective Vendor Packet:

Urban Harvest Farmers Market Rules

City of Houston Health Department Requirements

Majority Local Standard

Producer Practices Checklists

Insurance Requirements

Urban Harvest Farmers Market Application (for reference only, please do not fill out).

Northeast Community Farmers Market Application(for reference only, please do not fill out).

Due to the volume of calls and emails we receive from prospective vendors, we require all prospective vendors to fill out the form below with details about your business.  Unfortunately, we cannot respond to all inquiries.  Answers to most of your questions can also be answered on our FAQ Page.  Thank you for your interest.

Become a Houston farmers market vendor today!

Step #1 - Check if you qualify

Read the rules to see if you qualify. Absolutely no crafts, no third party products. All we do is food and agricultural products.

Step #2 - Learn the market rules & regulations

Please read all required links above.

Step #3 - Fill out a Vendor Interest Form

Completely fill out form below.

Step #4 - Submit a formal application

IF YOU ARE CONTACTED, you will need to submit a formal application.

Step #5 - Application review & status notification

Once your application is reviewed, you will be required to present to our Farmers Market Committee prior to final selection.

Step #6 - New vendor orientation

After selection, you will be required to attend a brief vendor orientation.

Vendor Interest Form

    What location do you want to sell your products at?
    Urban Harvest Saturday MarketPopup MarketsNortheast Community Farmers Market

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