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‘If You Want to Experience Liberation, Black Women Must Be at the Table’From the Montgomery bus boycott to the Black Lives Matter movement, Black women have made food a central part of protest
Measuring Racial Equity in the Food System: Established and Suggested Metrics"The U.S. food system has created and been shaped by racial injustices since its inception. The ways in which racial injustice is made manifest through our food system are sometimes quite clear and other times murky at best. "
Building The Case For Racial Equity In The Food SystemThe food system works for some, but fails too many of us. Yet, we already have a glimpse of the possibility of a just and healthy food system.
Dismantling Racism in the food system"Racism—the systemic mistreatment of people based on their ethnicity or skin color—affects all aspects of our society, including our food system. "
Are Farmers Markets the Future of Food Shopping? FROM JANNA: On a stiflingly hot Saturday morning in June, a partly masked crowd moved through the Urban Harvest Farmers Market in River Oaks. A large clearing in the middle of the market parted the booths.
Grow your own food at homeFROM JANNA: Fresh lettuce, mustard greens, and tomatoes will be popping up on your windowsill in no time
Is gardening associated with greater happiness of urban residents? A multi-activity, dynamic assessment in the Twin-Cities region, USAFew field studies have measured well-being of urban gardening, particularly during household gardening.
2,292 Plants Fill the Audience in Opening Performance at Barcelona’s Gran Teatre del LiceuSeated in the red, velvet seats and among the gold balconies, 2,292 palms, ficus trees, and Swish cheese plants filled the iconic opera house to listen to the string quartet’s rendition.
America faces a growing food insecurity challenge, a temporary increase in SNAP benefits can helpIn a single moment, we saw hunger skyrocket across our state as vital industries to Texas’ economy plummeted. Low-income families have been especially hard hit by this pandemic
Building Farm Resilience During COVID-19Publications detailing various aspects of farming during a crisis, with a focus on the current COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically offering ideas on how we can take care of ourselves, our farms, and our local communities.
Council for Healthy Food Systems' COVID-19: Resources for Farmers & ConsumersA compilation of resources for farmers, market managers, and consumers, so that everyone can make informed decisions and have access to fresh, healthy foods in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.
Food Safety, Nutrition, and Wellness during COVID-19From the From Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health: how to safely shop, order, and prepare food.
Garden Blog: Growing fresh, healthy food with Urban HarvestRead up on "Planting Resiliency during COVID-19," growing cucumbers, and more, with timely articles written by Urban Harvest staff, community members, and local experts
Local Farmers Markets Are Working on the Front Lines to to Keep Houstonians FedRestaurants are closed, but these spots for procuring fresh local produce remain a vital resource for both diners and farmers
Webinar: Serving Students School Meals During COVID-19Join SNA, USDA, and FRAC for the latest updates on guidelines for serving students school meals when schools are closed or dismissed. School nutrition operators will also provide practical ideas for how to provide meals to students in partnership with their communities, state agencies, and other partners.
Webinar: The Impact of Coronavirus on Malnutrition and the Public Health SystemLearn more about the impacts of the Coronavirus on malnutrition and the public health system, as well as the importance of anti-hunger policies in light of this global pandemic.

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