planned giving

YOu're legacy and Beneficiary Designation

Donors who are passionate about enriching lives in Houston may wish to include a charitable gift in their financial plan. Such a gift supports and strengthens the life-changing work of Urban Harvest, Inc.

WHat is beneficiary designation

Another popular way to support our mission is through beneficiary designations (IRAs, life insurance policies, donor advised funds, bank accounts, etc.). Naming Urban Harvest, Inc. as a charitable beneficiary of your assets will help change the future of food inequality in Houston. This can be done by contacting the administrator of your plan and including “Urban Harvest, Inc.” as a beneficiary. Not only is this an easy way to designate future support but it is also very flexible as you can review and update your designations anytime you wish and include multiple beneficiaries where appropriate. A beneficiary gift to Urban Harvest,Inc. is exempt from taxes (total value of the gift goes toward our mission).

As we kick off the celebration of our 30th Anniversary, we are pleased to launch our planned giving campaign, The Terry Hershey Legacy Society. Different from annual donations, a planned or legacy gift is a donation made as part of a donor’s overall financial and/or estate planning. Thus, these gifts honor the enduring wishes of a donor and create a lasting impact for organizations like Urban Harvest.



We would ask that you consider a legacy gift that would allow Urban Harvest to sustain our work into the future. Please reach out to me at to discuss how you can make a lasting impact. We would like to be informed in advance of a donor’s directives so that we may honor their intentions. In addition, speaking with your financial advisor or estate attorney can ensure that your objectives and intentions are accomplished.

IRA Charitable Distribution

For those 70 1⁄2 or older, it can be tax efficient to directly give from an IRA to Urban Harvest, Inc. This can be a great strategy to consider. Please work with your advisor / plan administrator to ensure this is administered correctly.

Gift Through a Will or Living Trust

“Charitable bequests” are one of the most popular types of legacy giving. This versatile option allows a donor to make a profound commitment to supporting the development of local, affordable and sustainable food access for generations to come.

Additional Options or Ideas?

Executive Director Janna Roberson can help you explore different ways to include Urban Harvest, Inc. in your long-term plan.