From farm to table, freezing temperatures and power outages disrupted the food supply chain in Houston, Texas.

Between February 22nd and March 8th, 2021, Urban Harvest reached out to our community members including over 140 community gardens and 95 farmers, ranchers, and food vendors to assess the impact of Winter Storm “Uri” in our local agricultural and food sectors.

Results from our Impact Report show a wide range of short-term damage caused by “Uri” and highlight the current needs of our local growers, creating an opportunity to further support our food system through targeted action.

Below, explore in-depth stories from regional farms and ranches

Winter Storm Stories: The Berry Best

Herschel Hobson looked out over his blueberry farm, an approximately 16 acre expanse near the southeast town of Silsbee, Texas. Read More >>

Winter Storm Stories: Addy’s Flower Farm

Amidst the storm clouds of a global pandemic, Addy’s Flower Farm found itself in a unique position. Read More >>

On a farm built on being able to control the uncontrollable, what happens when you can’t?

As the team at Verdegreens, a hydroponics farm in Acres Homes, worked feverishly to save their product ahead of Winter Storm Uri Read More >>

Winter Storm Stories: Laughing Frog Farm

Glen Miracle is on a mission. Owning and operating Laughing Frog Farm is more than a business. It’s about putting real food onto people’s tables while remaining sustainable and being a small piece of big change. Read More >>