Bare Bakery

WHERE: 3311 Mercer


MISSION: To spread the availability of dietary restricted desserts to more and more people who need them.

ABOUT: Kelly is the owner, operator, baker, writer, Instagrammer, dish-washer, and taste-tester behind Bare Bakery. She started weaning off of gluten in 2013 (specifically Wheat Thins and Healthy Choice pasta lunches), after reading Robb Wolf’s The Paleo Solution. Once she learned how the protein was damaging her insides without any knowledge or visible side effects, she began the slow but steady process of making different food choices. When it came to dessert, she found that there really weren’t any available options to meet her dietary guidelines. There was a new world of trendy gluten-free labels, but the ingredients lists were filled with refined sugar and words that she couldn’t pronounce. Her new love of gluten-free/grain-free/naturally sweetened baking, and her eagerness to share it with everyone, has created her mission for showing people that there are “better-for-you” dessert options that actually taste good!

FUN FACT: You may cringe at the sight of our farmers market booth covered in plastic packaging, but it’s actually compostable packaging made from plants!


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INSTAGRAM: barebakery