El Topo

WHERE: Houston, TX

PEOPLE : Tony Luhrman, chef and owner of El Topo. Angelica Lugo and Ninfa Saga, do-it-all cooks and general badasses.

ABOUT: El Topo began in late 2015 with a passion for local food, deep Mexican flavors, and perfect technique. We’re known for our hand-pressed tortillas, locally sourced Barbacoa from 44 farms, and our rotating menu based on seasonal market ingredients. One of our more popular offerings is our breakfast taco made from Three Sister Eggs and our house cured bacon.

FUN FACT: El Topo is the name of a psychedelic Mexican western movie that Tony watched in film school. The director, a Mexican Jew named Alejandro Jodorowsky, wrote, directed, and started in it. El Topo seemed a perfect name because Tony has a Jewish heritage and a passion for cooking Mexican food and is also engaged in this passion project in which he plays almost every role.

WEBSITE: TopoTruck.com

INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/topotruck
TWITTER: twitter.com/topotruck
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/topotruck


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