Finca Tres Robles

WHERE: Houston, TX


ACRES: 0.75

PEOPLE : Mark, Dan, and Tommy are supported by two full and 1 part time staff including a farm manager and seasonal apprentice.

ABOUT: “Finca” was founded in 2014 by brothers and native Houstonians with a mission to serve its East End community and directly connect more Houstonians with the joys of agriculture, Finca has grown into a vital fixture of the 2nd Ward community. The farm grows seasonal vegetables intensively using no-till agricultural techniques and no chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers and cares as much about the “how” of production as the vegetables it actually produces. Young farmers themselves, the brothers recognize the need for a new generation of farmers and opportunities for training and hands on work. The farm is proud to be one of the few farms in the area that offers full-time farming positions and a seasonal Apprenticeship for young people interested in careers in agriculture. With seasonal hands on classes, field trips, farm dinners, and community events, Finca is more than just a place that grows food but builds community and raises awareness about the challenging and beautiful world of agriculture. Being located inside the loop, Finca is a destination for Houstonians and visitors alike to get a taste of one of the few truly urban farms in Houston.

FUN FACT: Finca Tres Robles is Spanish for “Three Oaks Farm” named after the 3 large oak trees that define the farm.