Flying Saucer Farms

WHERE: Brookside Village

PEOPLE: Clint W. Jurek

MISSION: To produce fresh and local mushrooms for the Houston area and be a resource to the community regarding fungi.

ABOUT: Flying Saucer Farms is a cultivator of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms owned and operated in Brookside Village, TX by Clint Jurek. Clint’s passion for mushrooms spawned around 2007 when he began studying mycology as a hobby, and intensified during a stint living in the Pacific Northwest, where he learned to forage for edible wild varieties. After moving back to Texas in 2014, Clint dreamed sharing his passion for fungi by growing mushrooms for the local community. He built his farm after buying property just outside of Pearland, and his cultivation operation is mushrooming!

FUN FACT: The farm’s name is related to Clint’s fascination with paranormal phenomena.

INSTAGRAM: FlyingSaucerFarms

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