Harvest Grain Mills

WHERE: 2191 FM 563, Anahuac, TX 77514

PEOPLE : David Kirkham and Donald Wilcox, Founders

MISSION: To provide locally grown organic heirloom variety rices in a sustainable manner.

ABOUT: Harvest Grain Mills was founded in 2017. David has been farming since 1972. They started by growing seed rice to help out some neighbors and then in 2016 was asked to contract grow the Charleston gold rice variety and in 2017 they built a rice mill and started packaging and selling retail.

FUN FACT: Anahuac is the alligator capital of TX and they have a gator fest in September. Summer is mating season for alligators so you have to be extra careful to not get close to the gators. AND brown rice is white rice with the bran still on it.

WEBSITE: harvestgrainmills.com

INSTAGRAM: harvestgrainmills