JSH Microgreens

WHERE: Houston, TX

ACRES: 2500/sq ft

PEOPLE : We are a small work force. I ran JSH solo for nearly 10years, just recently I have hired 2 new people. I have a good friend who helps run the hydroponic store for 10 years now. I focus my attention on growing the microgreens and I have trained numerous people.

ABOUT: We are a retail hydroponics store. I have been growing for over 18 years and have grown numerous produces. We specialize now in microgreens and edible flowers. We can do it from start to finish as well as teach others who are interested in getting into producing for themselves. I got into the hydroponics business back in 2007, I used to work at a large greenhouse in Alvin,TX and ran large commercial greenhouses. I grew more and more interested and opened my store to teach.

FUN FACT: I have had an article written about me by the Houston Press, that I find amusing. “Local Houstonian who grew pot now grows microgreens for top chef’s in Houston.” I got exposure due to that article. I have always been good at teaching and growing. I relate the human body to plants to help people get a better understanding of what plants and us have in common.

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/jsh.microgreens