Kanto Food

WHERE: Houston, TX

PEOPLE: Chef Karuna Diedericks & Chef Antonio Manega

MISSION: To transform lives with fulfilling foods that restore vitality and balance.

ABOUT: Chef Karuna and Chef Antonio brought together more than two decades of culinary expertise to create Karuna’s Kitchen. South African native Karuna Diedericks is a plant-based nutrition expert, with an Ayurveda degree from the California College of Ayurveda, and training from the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine. Growing up in Italy, Antonio Manega learned the art of the Mediterranean diet from his mother. While working in restaurants and cafes around Houston, he also gained experience in restaurant management and marketing. Karuna’s Kitchen offers satisfying, high-quality meals featuring exciting combinations of whole foods prepared with delicious spices that can transform energy level and vitality and enhance mindfulness. Drawing from their international heritages, chefs Karuna and Antonio create cuisine that truly celebrates life and the joy of eating.

FUN FACT: An Italian and South African are the premiere Ayurvedic food providers in Houston.

WEBSITE: karunaskitchen.net

INSTAGRAM: karunaskitchen_us

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