WHERE: Houston, TX


PEOPLE : Our company is committed to excellence and hard work. Farmer Craig is personally involved in every aspect of Lavande, from farming the land to production to marketing.

ABOUT: An experiment that began in Texas with a presence in several local farmers’ markets has grown to a national contender in the body and bath market. Lavande products are now available online and in fine spas, boutiques and gift stores across the United States. People everywhere have been rediscovering the many benefits of lavender. With rich soil and the perfect balance of temperatures, the California central coast was the obvious choice when it came time to expand this business. A beautiful ridge nestled in the wine country of the Santa Ynez Valley has become our new center of operations– yes, we know it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it! We get to spend all day every day doing what we love, and we invite you also to breathe in the joy!

FUN FACT: Lavande means lavander in French!