Loam Agronomics

WHERE: Richmond, TX


ACRES: 288

PEOPLE : Our team of passionate food growing professionals is as varied as the crops they raise here at Loam Agronomics. They’re excited each week to bring safe and nutritious produce to the farmers market!

ABOUT: Loam Agronomics is a 288 acre farm-you-can-love in Richmond, Texas. We started growing Houston’s food in 2016 and are proud to grow over a hundred crops for our neighbors throughout the year. We sell our veggies to restaurants, at farmers markets and through our year round CSA subscription.

FUN FACT: Our 288 acres in the rapidly developing suburbs of Houston will be preserved as agriculture forever through our permanent agricultural easement.

WEBSITE: loamagronomics.com

INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/loamagronomics
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/loamagronomics