Local Flora

WHERE: Fulshear, TX



PEOPLE : Myself, my husband Boone, my daughter Bailey, Vivian – helps with harvesting and bouquet making, Kristy – volunteers to plant, harvest and anything else (covering rows of plants in plastic to keep from freezing).

ABOUT: I have been growing cut flowers for 3 years. I got started in horticulture at Texas A&M and received my bachelor degree. I have worked in agricultural research, public horticulture, retail and production nursery. I currently grow and sell unique, fresh cut flowers at the Urban Harvest Farmers’ Market and the Fulshear Farmers’ Market. I also provide floral design services for events and weddings!

FUN FACT: The cut flower production season for southeast Texas is 365 days per year.

WEBSITE: localflorafarm.com

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/localflorafarm
INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/localflorafarm