Moravia Vineyard & Winery

WHERE: 12564 FM 957 Schulenburg, TX, 78956


PEOPLE : A remarkable number of people work to keep this small business a float. It is also very hard work under excruciating Texas sun.  Grape growers farmers, hard working true Texas grit individuals in Hallettsville, students helping in the weekends, sales enthusiasts and big crowds for bottling event or harvest season.

MISSION: Make good wine with 100% local grown grapes fresh crush.

ABOUT: The first wine was made in 2010 only 200 bottles now the winery produces 10 to 20 thousand bottles per year depending on grapes yield. The winery is a processing grape hub for a multitude of additional local farmers in the Fayette and Lavaca Counties area. The winery retail on site and is loyal to a couple selected top Houston farmers markets from many years. The winery retail also in several Specs store across Texas and retailers local to the Schulenburg Hallettsville area. The winery is own by the Suschitz’s  that have fallen in love with the land in those hills and they welcome visitors to share that love.The wine is 100% local grapes crushed fresh, aged and bottle completely onsite.

FUN FACT: We discovered this year that our cattles love to eat the grape skins pressed at the end of our fermentation process. Since the large amount it is a great way to reuse.