Pain Train Salsa

WHERE: Houston, TX


PEOPLE : We are blessed with the best people around!!  Our guys and gals love to sling salsa and eat it too!!!

ABOUT: After coaching and teaching for 17 years, I decided to only teach so I could spend some time with my kids that I rarely saw. I’d been making salsa all my adult life and decided to introduce it to the local farmers market with my oldest child, Kennedy. Our salsa is an all-natural, no additives fresh salsa so we were not sure how much to make. We ended up with 51 jars and began the market. 20 minutes into the market, we had not sold ONE jar and I was afraid we were gonna go home with 50 jars. We sold out in the next 1/2 hours and PAIN TRAIN SALSA began. We opened a store front a year later and I retired from education after we introduced our most popular creamy avocado Gringo Salsa. Since then we’ve added a pineapple honey salsa and we make our own fresh gluten free chips! CHOO CHOO!!!

FUN FACT: Pain Train comes from my old coaching days as it was the name of a blitz package we used.