Sparrow Cookshop

WHERE: 4009 Roseland Street, Houston, TX 77006

PEOPLE: Chef Monica Pope

MISSION: Spread joy and encourage people to live more sustainably.

ABOUT: A dream at 17 to open a restaurant & change the way Houston eats. In restaurants for 25 years, even a farmer’s market and a free cooking class that Monica offered for 2 years. Monica walked away from the brick & mortar economy but retained the food/eating/communing experiences that brought the most joy through engaging with the people.

FUN FACT: When you come to Monica’s Cookshop, a 105 year old bungalow in the Museum District, and use the restroom there’s a painting that everyone loves/needs, even kids giggle…it’s an all white board with ‘f*** that shit’ etched into the wood.



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