Tejas Heritage Farm

WHERE: Sam Houston National Forest



PEOPLE : David and Cheri are the hardest workers on the farm. Julia helps on Saturdays and attends Sam Houston University during the week. Most of the Harkin family help feed, butcher, and prepare products in the kitchen and we’re grateful for all of them.

ABOUT: We started our farm in 2007. Our mission is to produce the finest quality nutrient dense poultry, wild boar and rabbits available in Southeast Texas for our customers and friends. We raise everything on pasture and woodlands free of chemicals. We feed organic grains and hand butcher all our animals using organic cleaners.. All our charcuterie and prepared foods are made by us on site in our commercial kitchen.

FUN FACT: Our farm began as a tropical nursery and we still grow several species of edible ginger.

WEBSITE: tejasheritagefarm.com