Texas Longhorn & Cattle

WHERE: Houston, TX


ABOUT: Texas Longhorn Land & Cattle LLC is owned and operated by Sam, Marta, and Martita Clegg.  Sam’s family represents 5 generations of ranching in Texas while Marta is descended from 8 generations of early colonial families who first introduced cattle ranching to south Texas.  Marta’s 1668 family brand remains in use today on their Texas Longhorn cattle herd. Sam and Marta have 32 years of ranching experience with various cattle breeds and have been concentrating on the raising of Texas Longhorn cattle for the past 16 years on the Six Mile Creek Ranch just outside of Port Lavaca (Port of the Cow), Texas.

FUN FACT: This all natural grass fed beef, while representing the lowest in calories and highest in nutritional value, is the perfect choice for consumers concerned with fitness, diet and health.  Simply stated, this is regarded as a “Superfood in Beef”.

WEBSITE: texaslonghornlandandcattle.com