WHERE: Sugar Land, TX

PEOPLE: Tony Najjar

MISSION: Creating quality innovative chocolate products with ingredients purchased directly from farmers.

ABOUT: Prior to making chocolate, Tony Najjar worked in global management consulting for over 25 years. He came across craft chocolate, which become his dream child after one of his California business trips back in 2006, where he was introduced to small-batch chocolate makers shops in the bay area. He was intrigued by the chocolate making process, its purity, simplicity and the richness of flavors that come only from 2 ingredients. He immediately fell in love and he began his journey as a hobby in 2006, then evolved to a part-time business in 2009, and finally to a full-time business working and growing Xocolla in 2015.

FUN FACT: We offer chocolate pairing experiences with craft beer, wine, spirits, coffee, teas and cheese in addition to chocolate making classes for all age groups.

WEBSITE: www.xocolla.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/xocollachocolate

INSTAGRAM: xocollachocolate